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Glossary of Terms -
Analog -
non digital components, transistors, diodes, amplifiers.
Bypass Capacitor -
decoupling capacitors, between ground and the voltage plane.
Cadence Allegro - an advanced environment for the physical design of complex multi-layer printed circuit board designs.
Ground Plane
- Dense pcb designs, or high frequency designs require special considerations. A separate layer designated for ground is required.
LSI - Large Scale Integrated circuits.
Orcad Capture - whether you're designing a new circuit, revising the schematic diagrans for an existing PCB, or drafting a block diagram of HDL modules.
Pad - circular, oval or rectangular copper trace that is drilled and lined with a copper ferril, with another pad on  the other side of the pcb. Pads are arranged to accept integrated circuits (IC's) or components.
PADS PCB - Desktop PCB design tool.
PCB - See printed circuit board



Printed Circuit Board  (PCB)- A substrate generally composed of fiber and resin with conductors on either side or embedded within multiple layers. The copper conductors in the board are created by an etching process during the manufacturing process. The copper lands are then printed with a silkscreen solder mask, the mask is then over printed with the component locations. The current generic standard for PCB manufacturing is IPC-2221A, this pertains to single, double or muti-layer printed circuit boards.
Schematic -
An accurate drawing designating IC's with designations and pin numbers, bypass capacitors and analog devices. A schematic should be drawn with the pcb design in mind.
Schematic Capture - Software like Orcad used to input the electronic design and create the schematic.
Solder Mask - a printed ink "mask" which
is screen printed on the top and bottom surface of the PCB protecting the surfaces.
SMT - Surface Mount Technology
devices are mounted /soldered  to the surface of the printed circuit board.

Trace - electrical conductor interconnecting electronic components, otherwise known as a land or track. Proper clearances between traces must be observed to avoid tracking or flash-over between between traces.
USB Flash drive -
a memory device capable of holding Giga bytes of storage. Can be used for sending files.

Via - interconnects tacks (lands) between pcb layers or sides through electrically plated through holes (PTH).
VCC - like a ground plane, the VCC plane is a layer dedicated voltage plane.

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